What I can do

Copywriting, article writing, social media, blogs, messaging, strategy, deep-frying without fear: I can do exactly seven things.

Here’s a little more about each of those if you’ve found this website because you’re seeking some help. If you like the sound of these, get in touch to see what I can do.



The ‘about me’ page on your website. Your baby business’s vision statement. Two hundred words your boss wants about your project for the annual report. A Facebook post that will reach more than 13 people. This very page. That’s copywriting and I can do it.

Article writing

Profiling the CEO. Reporting a feature for your department’s new research finding. Ghost-writing an op-ed. A fun Q+A with a celebrity you’ve never heard of. Drafting a piece for the local paper. I’m a former magazine journalist-turned freelancer, and I love a good story.

Social media

From tweets that get traction to Facebook posts with flair—if it goes online I’ve written it before. I’ve managed Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ (RIP) for businesses, can live-tweet and schedule, and love hashtags almost as much as hash browns.


5 reasons your website doesn’t show up on Google page 1. The 7 tips social media marketers wished you knew. 1 less clickbait-y suggestion. Good website content brings new eyes to your website and makes people stick around. It’s blogs, and I write them.


I love nutting out the core idea of a business, brand or organisation in just a line or two. If you need clarity and purpose (just in writing, not in life), I can work with you to develop key messaging and an overarching narrative, or story, for your brand or business.


It’s cool to post on Facebook and your website, but it’s a lot cooler if you’ve got a clear idea of what you’re working towards and how to get there. My straightforward strategy work can help figure this out, set goals, pick approaches, and get you on your way.

Fearless frying

Oil heats more slowly and to a lower temperature than you’d expect. Use sunflower or canola oil, never olive (low smoke point = fires likely). Deep-frying is less splashy and scary than shallow-frying. Pay attention. Breathe. Clear eyes, full hearts.