I am an unashamed pedant who loves to fine-tooth everything—from magazine articles to academic papers to Facebook copy lines. I’ve had experience proof-reading and editing PhD and master’s degree theses; sub-editing for creative zines and arts blogs; organising and briefing volunteer campaign copywriters; and editing magazine sections.


Section editing

At Scoop Publishing I was charged with overseeing the flagship Scoop Magazine’s Community section—conceiving, commissioning, writing and editing 12-ish pages of stories. See some sample sections below.


This is Scoop Magazine editions 73, 72 and 71, open at my Community section. Click through to read them for free online.


“Sophie is a skilled editor and proofreader of both academic and public communications content. Her feedback and edits on writing are clear, consistent, and thoughtful. Sophie assists writers to hone meaning through paying close attention to detail and expression.”

— Katie Morris, editing client


After contributing to Side Project Zine’s second edition,

I volunteered to sub-edit the following (and, sadly, ultimately final) two editions of the charming local zine. Vale SP!


I was interviewed for their blog after I wrote an essay called ‘Taking a creative gap year.’ for edition two.