About me

After flopping through a law degree I never felt more than half-hearted about, I fell into a bottom-rung writing job in 2014 at the slick Western Australian lifestyle publisher, Scoop Publishing, where my glamorous colleagues wrote about small bars, beauty products and trendy fruit while I toiled over earnest copy for the magazine’s community section and tried to guess what a persimmon was.

Writing about the not-for-profits, social enterprises and committed community workers who shared my enthusiasm for doing good, I thrived — quickly rising from intern to staff writer to section editor, and grabbing some of those coveted art and music bylines in the process.

When my section was summarily dumped I switched gears, growing my casual volunteering into a full-time gig working in advocacy and fundraising communications for the anti-poverty campaign Live Below the Line.

A filmmaking trip to beatific Timor-Leste proved pivotal, and on my return I quit my job, boxed up my boots and jackets, and moved up here to the tropics, where I’ve been ever since — working communications for non-government organisations and UN agencies, writing freelance journalism articles, crafting compelling human interest stories and action-focused advocacy materials, and enjoying 12 hours of sunshine year-round.

I love working with purpose-driven people who want to make the world a better place. If that’s you, I’m here to help.